The three attacks only the starters can use! Edit

These are the three moves each acquirable by one starter, each with a different effect

Root Burst Edit

Obsicrawl`s special attack. Roots are summoned out of the ground. The opposing pokemon can no longer escape. However, if it is a Grass-type, it will recover 1/16 of its max HP.

Category-Spec. / Base Power-80 / Accuracy-95% /

Acidic Flame Edit

Dracusol`s special attack. An explosion of poisonous flames hits all adjacent Pokemon. Has a 20% chance to poison surrounding Pokemon.

Category-Spec. / Base Power-80 / Accuracy-95% /

Nautilus Slash Edit

Dolphiron`s special attack. A water shockwave is launced at the opponent. The damage inflicted is based off the target`s Special Defense instead of Defense.

Category-Phys. / Base Power-80 / Accuracy-95% /