Overview Edit

Adonis is the region Pokemon Solar System takes place. It is split into four parts, each hosting two gyms. Each element is usually referred to with an element

Southern Adonis Edit

Southern Adonis is associated with the element of fire, due to the high temperatures and dry climate, hosting the Marsuna City Gym and the Veniro City Gym. This segment`s visitors are known to enjoy relaxations, spas or days at the beach. While there still are forests, this area is known for its two most prominent landmarks:

  • Romus Desert
  • Veniro Volcano

Western Adonis Edit

Western Adonis is associated with earth, thanks to its moutains, forests, caves and mines. The two gyms challenged here are the Umbruto City Gym and the Merterra City Gym. This area is usually visited by those who enjoy mountain-climbing or the thrill of adventure. Prominent landmarks include:

  • Hades Cave
  • Gaea Forest
  • Mt. Moria

Northern Adonis Edit

Northern Adonis is connected to water, due to its icy but tranquil areas and the Poseidon Lake. The cities of Kriarus City and Hydrune City host the two gyms. People who enjoy reading about myths or those who enjoy camping are found here. Prominent landmarks are:

  • Shrine of Loathe
  • Poseidon Lake
  • Turbinia River

Eastern Adonis Edit

Eastern Adonis revolves around wind, high altitude and the contrast between peace and chaos. Whereas Saturecto City is a chaotic big city with tall skyscrapers, Juptero Village is a peaceful little settlement atop a mountain. People can either enjoy the thrill of the city or the peace of the village. This area is known for:

  • Saturia Scrapyard
  • Nebula Garden
  • Mt. Shitenno

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